Flight Insurance

Flight insurance offers coverage for death, dismemberment (loss of limbs) or loss of sight due to a flight accident. A few airline flight insurance plans may also include coverage for medical evacuation, repatriation (return of mortal remains to home country), baggage delay, trip cancellation.

We provide trusted US flight insurance plans backed by years of experience and time tested processes for handling catastrophic accidents, loss of life and disasters.

Flight Cancellation Insurance

There are two types of airline flight insurance. The first type is the simplest, offering coverage strictly for loss of life, limbs or sight.

The second type, besides covering for loss of life, limbs, and sight would also include other benefits for trip cancellation, medical expenses, medical evacuation, repatriation etc.

Flight Accident Insurance

Flight Accident Insurance can cover for loss of life or limbs on commuter and licensed charter planes. These plans are quite simple and purchased for a single trip or an annual basis.

Some plans can also cover for medical expenses resulting from a flight accident. Both inpatient and out-patient expenses can be covered and in some cases even medical evacuation can be covered.

Flight Life Insurance

Flight life insurance plans generally cover accidental loss of life on commercial airlines properly licensed to transport commuters. You can compare various plan possibilities by using the quote form in the section above.

Some plans offer no coverage for those flying to high risk areas or countries with travel warnings issued by the US Dept. of State. In the event of you needing coverage for high risk areas including those engaged in warfare or terrorism prone areas please call us at 877.593.5403. We can find a right solution so that there is monetary comfort for your family in the event of a tragic loss.

Air Flight Insurance

There are various kinds of Air Flight Insurance that either bundle a variety of benefits or focus on covering a specific type of risk. One can compare flight cancellation only insurance, flight accident only or a package plan for single trip or multiple trips by completing the form at the top of this page and clicking the ‘Get Quote’ button.

Insurance Resources

Typically the flight travel insurance plans offered on this website are designed for covering loss of life or limb during travel on an aircraft. If you are seeking more all-round comprehensive coverage for protection against medical bills from either illness or injuries on the flight as well as off the flight then you may want to review the offerings at http://www.nriol.net for well packaged coverage.


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Flight Insurance

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